Our story stands for strong roots.

Since 1970 ROTOX has developed from a garage company to a globally operating medium-sized company. With the first corner cleaner, the foundation stone is laid for a history shaped by innovations.

In 50 years the company grows to 450 employees. Hollinger and AFS Federhenn GmbH merge into the ROTOX Group. Several production sites and sales subsidiaries are established worldwide.


The founding year. Our journey begins.

Alois Theisen and Bernhard Eisenbach agree on the collaboration that led to the founding of ROTOX GmbH in 1970. While the first production starts in a small workshop in Grenderich, the construction is installed in the garage of the apartment in Brechen. The central buisness units are still located at the founding places.


ROTOX with the world's first corner cleaner!

ROTOX presents the world's first corner cleaning machine for PVC window frames, TYP EVM. Production, sales and delivery are not long in coming.


It is being built.

The location in Grenderich is getting to tight. A company property is bougt and the first production hall with an office wing is build.


First cleaning machine with inside corner processing. We set standards.

The first ROTOX corner cleaning machine with inside corner processing type EPA 277 is launched. Form this model, more than 1000 machines will leave the factory in the next 14 years.


A constant development.

The Eisenbach family takes over the shares of the Theisen family and changes the company name to ROTOX GmbH B. Eisenbach


Progress. Another construction follows.

Things get to tight in Brechen too: the company moves out of the garage into a newly built construction and development building.



The first CNC-crontrolled corner cleaning machines from ROTOX were delivered to our customers and heralded the never-ending path of automation progress.


First foreign subsidiary in Pokoj.

As the first foreign subsidiary, F.M. ROTOX Sp.z.o.o. is founded in Poland. It starts with prefabrication products for ROTOX Germany and sales and service in the local market. And it will develop into a very successful unit in the ROTOX group.


Processing machines.

ROTOX extends its product range to include automatic bar processing machines for PVC.


France and Romania.

Subsidiaries for sales and service are foundet in France and Romania. For customers, this means fast support on site and in their national language.


England, Scotland, Ireland.

Winmac UK Ltd. is foundet in the UK and will be a very successful unit of the group in the coming years.


Assembly benches.

ROTOX starts manufacturing assembly benches for frame and sash mounting.


Year of developments.

With over 15 new developments, ROTOX covers an ever larger manufacturing area of its customers.


Welding machines.

In Keiserslautern, the production of welding machines starts in the newly foundet plant by ROTOX Pfalz GmbH.



Foundation of ROTOX USA Inc. for sales and service in the USA and Canada.


It is being built.

New construction of the production and administration facility of ROTOX Pfalz GmbH in Weselberg.


Gluing lines.

Development and delivery of adhesive systems with our own mixing and dosing technology.


High temperature welding.

ROTOX is revolutionizing welding: With the new process of high-temperature welding HTS and the new four-head welding machine SMH 510, the cycle time is reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional welding machines.


Poland is growing.

Construction of an additional production hall in Poland to meet the increasing demand for in-house production parts and to now also develop some of our products.


Foundation of ROTOX s.r.o. in Slovakia for sales and service in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.


AFS Federhenn.

ROTOX takes over AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH in Kirchberg with its sister companies. Thanks to the complementary skills of both companies, the customer benefits from a full-service offering and the synergies of this merger.


Indursty 4.0

Interface , automisation, open software


ROTOX today!

More than 400 employees worldwide, 7 production sites with approx. 27.500 square meters of production space, sales activities with service points in more than 30 countries.

If possible, our technical staff will help you directly with our remote maintenance tool Webcontrol. Just download and get in touch.