• Modular design of the whole machine
  • BSA consisting of processing and sawing modules
  • Profile feeding via linear axes
  • Magazine feed attachment for 12 profile bars up to
    6.500 mm length
  • PVC drilling and milling module (G module) with 2 NC-controlled servo axes
  • PVC drilling and milling module (MFM) with 8 NC-controlled servo axes
  • Stepless cutting angle from 45° to 135°
  • Swivelling saw module SSM: NC-controlled swivel drive for sawing unit (45°/90°/135°)
  • High-speed sawing module HGSM: two saws, arranged in V-shape, 45°/135°,
    working simultaneously, one saw there of NC-controlled, swinging 90°
  • Easy program editing for additional profile contours by copy programming
    and modification
  • more options

Technical data

Power (kW)
30 depending on number of modules
Voltage (V)
400 / 50 Hz (3~/N/PE)
Operating pressure (bar)
6 - 8
Air consumption (l/min)
max. 300 per module
Workable profile width (mm)
40 - 140 (wider profiles on inquiry)
Workable profile height (mm)
40 - 140
Workable profile length (mm)
up to 4.000
Bar length (mm)
max. 6.500
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