EPA 570

EPA 570


  • Less cycle time because of simultaneous cleaning of the welding
    on two corners with 2 (3) interpolating CNC axes on each head
  • Automatic profile recognition
  • PC for visualisation
  • Easy program editing for additional profile contours by copy
    programming and modification
  • Variable tool mounting for up tp 6 tool places like vertical and horizontal
    drilling units, spring loaded horizontal and vertical knifing units plus contour
    milling unit per head
  • Fully automatic cleaning of visible surfaces outer corners and profile inside area
  • High processing quality due to spring-mounted knifing units compensating
    profile tolerances
  • Precise linear guidings for all automatic linear motions

Technical data

Power (kW)
Voltage (V)
3 x 400
Operating pressure (bar)
approx. 7
Sash profile widths and heights (mm)
26 - 100
Frame profile widths (mm)
30 - 150
Frame profile heights (mm)
20 - 160
Sash size (mm)
255 - 1.500
Frame size (mm)
255 - 2.500
Cleaning disc (mm)
Weight (kg)
approx. 3.000
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