EPA 575

EPA 575


  • Two-Head Corner Cleaning Machine with 10 axis 5 each head
  • Contour horizontal and vertical milling with patented disc (blade) provides outer corner
    cleaning on straight or sculptured surfaces with interpolation capability
  • Analog automatic profile identification unit sensing both height
  • CNC insertion for width and profile identification
  • Moveable control station with standard windows computer
  • Exclusive PC operator interface allowing on screen editing with PCX profile drawings
  • Full support table, guarding and full view window
  • CNC controlled tooling includes the following tools on each station
  • Cleaning disc
  • Spring-loaded hook knife approaching from above and from below
  • Combination spring-loaded internal knife and spring-loaded top surface knife approaching
    from above and from below
  • Optional Features Frame and Sash:
  • Screen track routers approaching from above and from below
  • Automatic size assist on moveable station
  • Beveled and radius knifi ng units on request

Optional Features only Sash:

  • Routing and drilling system for:
  • Different type of Tilt-Latches, Pivotbar, Night locks, drainage holes, Bulbseal cleaning
  • Lock-Locations (centre locks)
  • Roller-pockets on sliding and Patio sash
  • Adjustment and fi ting on Patio sash
  • Positioning holes for Hardware on Casement sashes
  • Fixed head right or left selectable

Technical data

Power (kW)
Voltage (V)
3 x 400
Air pressure (bar)
approx. 7
Profile widths and heights (mm)
20 to 70
Sash size (mm)
255 to 1500
Frame size (mm)
255 to 2500
Cleaining disc (mm)
Weight (kg)
approx. 3000
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