EPG 3951

EPG 3951


  • Solid housing with safety glassdoor
  • Motordriven stamp feed by regulated three phase current motor
  • Permanent force insert with spindle hoist gear
  • Linear guided stamp
  • Stamp customizable to the profile contour
  • Direct force measuring with piezo force transducer
  • Digital indicator for the facture values
  • Effective range 0 - 20000 N facture value
  • Test of corner strength on welded profiles according RAL-GZ716/1
    resprectively DVS 2207 detail 25 possible
  • more options

Technical data

Power (kW)
approx. 2,2
Voltage (V/Hz)
230 / 50
Weight (kg)
approx. 250 (depending on specification)
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