FB-SA 400/P4

FB-SA 400/P4


  • For screwing previously inserted sash fitting parts without
    scissor closing device on the 4 sash legs
  • Portal construction for the screwing units
  • Automatic positionsing and transporting device via two-strand
    flat belt conveyer
  • 4 or even 6 pieces of screwing feed units motor-driven via NC-axes
  • Automatic screw feed for one screw type
  • Adjustable real-time torque control
  • PC control (usually mounted on the sash assembly table 46.52K202),
    incl. data reception for the screwing process
  • Incl. up to 20 programmes for sash and mullion profiles
  • Corner hinge screwing only in longitudinal direction
  • Screw size 3,5 - 4 mm, length max. 38 mm
  • More options

Technical data

Power (kW)
Voltage (V)
400 / 50 Hz (3~/N/PE)
Operating pressure (bar)
Air consumption (l/min)
Workable profile width (mm)
60 - 130
Workable profile height (mm)
60 - 125
Inner sash widths (mm)
220 - 1.600 mm
Inner sash heights (mm)
220 - 2.650 mm
Max. outer contour incl. fitting parts (mm)
1.700 x 2.800
Profile support side
Inner surface down
Max. frame, sash size L x H (mm)
4.000 x 3.000 (element thickness max. 125)
Min. window size L x W (mm)
320 x 320
Machine dimension L x D x H (mm)
5.200 x 4.200 x 2.000
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