GKA 242

GKA 242


  • PC control with colour display
  • Servo controlled mixing unit incl. gear pump for dynamic regulation of the applied quantity
  • Variable mixing of the two component adhesives in a ratio 100 : 50 to 100 : 10
  • Flowing rate control for permanent measuring and controlling of the desired mixing ratio and reducing of set-up and check time
  • Monitoring of the pressure for guarantee of process reliability
  • Data locking system for a permanent quality reliability and a CE-conform documentation for example: registered operator, date, time barrel or charge number, mixing ration, applied quantity, application time
  • Separate monitoring of the liquit level for dispose of the next barrels (optional)
  • Automatic positioning and flushing of the mixing device
  • Automatic positioning and flushing of the mixing device, Butterfly test position, Abscher test position
  • Manual roller conveyor or automatically driven belt strap (optional)

  • Motor-driven guide unit for the pivotable adhesive gun
  • Adhesive is also applied automatically without connection to an AV system (on demand)
  • Adhesive quantity is applied individually under the processor guideline. This depends on sash size, bar position in element, glass thickness and glass size or clearance
  • Permanent monitoring of rate of feed for highest process reliability

Technical data

Output of adhesive quantity (cm^3/min)
max. 300
Power (kW)
Voltage (V)
Compressed air supply (bar)
Compressed air consumption (l/min)
Work pressure (bar)
Barrel dimensions:
200 litre (A); 20 litre (B)
Mixing ratio
100 : 50 - 100 : 10
Adhesive range (mm)
2.700 x 2.300
3.700 x 2.300
3.700 x 3.000
Adhesive height (mm)
minus 100
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