SMK 506 4-/6-/8-Head Versions

SMK 506 4-/6-/8-Head Versions


  • Welding in diagonal feed
  • High-quality machine construction
  • Integrated frame tool
  • Optional V-transom welding, transom butt welding or
    transom trapezium welding (6-/8-Head)
  • High-quality flat guidances are assembled on movement axes
  • Easy and quick change of the welding tools
  • Weld seam limitation adjustable from 0,2 to 2,0 mm
  • PC-control
  • Automatic outfeed
  • Quick change device for welding foil
  • Drive for a cooling station
  • More options

Technical data

Power (kW)
on 8
Voltage (V)
Operating pressure (bar)
6 - 7
Air consumption per welding process (NL)
approx. 150
Profile width max. (mm)
Profile height (mm)
40 - 160 (Option: 40 - 220)
Welding length (mm)
320 - max. 4.000 (depending on specification)
Welding width (mm)
420 - max. 4.000 (depending on specification)
Machine dimension L x D x H (mm)
Depending on specification
Weight (kg)
approx. 3.000 (depending on specification)
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