SZK 509

SZK 509


  • Welding at both heads from 30° to 150° and at both
    heads in 0° position
  • No restriction in the combination possibilities of angle
    adjustments at the right and left head
  • Electronical adjustment if angles and support tables with 4-axes
    clamping units
  • Manual adjustment of the length; adjustable precisely by digital
    length display
  • Welding possibility with or without profile stop
  • Constant burn-off
  • Restrictor knives adjustable from 0,2 to 2,0 mm incl. heated knives
    for table and clamping plates
  • The fixed unit is applicable as single-head welding machine

Technical data

Power (kW)
Voltage (V)
Operating pressure (bar)
6 - 7
Air consumption per welding process (NL)
ca. 100 - 130
Welding width (mm)
min. 540, with 90° / max. 3.000 (optional: 4.000)
Clamping height (mm)
30 - 110
Mitre length (mm)
max. 300
Machine dimension L x D x H (mm)
3.700 x 1.200 x 1.800
Weight (kg)
approx. 1.400
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