1970 ROTOX GmbH Theisen & Eisenbach was founded.
1973 Presentation, sales and delivery of the first corner cleaning machine all over the world (type EVM) for uPVC window frames.
1975 Purchasing of the company estate in Grenderich and construction of the first production hall with offices.
1983 Production of the first ROTOX corner cleaning machine type EPA 277 with inner corner processing. More than 1000 machines of this type has left the company over a period of 14 years.
1986 The family Eisenbach assumes the family Theisen’s shares and changes the company’s name in ROTOX GmbH B. Eisenbach.
1987 Construction of the first building for construction and development in Brechen.
1992 Delivery of the first CNC controlled corner cleaning machine.
1994 Foundation of the first foreign subsidiary F.M. ROTOX Sp.z o.o. in Poland.
1995 Completion of development and delivery of the first ROTOX bar processing machine for uPVC.
1997 Foundation of Rotox France S.A.R.L for sales and service in France as well as start of direct Marketing activities in Romania.
1999 Foundation of Winmac UK Ltd. in Great Britain.
2000 Entry in the production of ROTOX material handling equipment.
2004 Introduction of more than 15 new developments in all the production range.
2006 Start of the production of welding machines in the new founded premises in Kaiserslautern by ROTOX Pfalz GmbH. Foundation of ROTOX USA Inc. for sales and service in the USA as well as Canada.
2008 New building for production and administration of ROTOX Pfalz GmbH in Weselberg.
2008 Development and delivery of adhesive units with own mixing and dosage technique.
2011 Presentation and trade introduction of the new ROTOX Four Head Welding Machine SMH 510 with high temperature welding HTS, cycle time reduction by up to 50% compared with conventional welding machines.
2013 Foundation of ROTOX Chile Ltda. in Chile.
2014 Construction of an additional production hall in Poland.
2015 Foundation of ROTOX s.r.o. for sales and service in the Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
2016 Takeover of the company AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH.
TODAY More than 400 employees world-wide, 7 production locations with approx. 27.500 sqm production space, sales activities with service offices in approx. 30 countries.