Glazing bead saws / Length stops

ROTOX Glazing Bead Saw GLA 403/401

Glazing bead saw for plants of any size, designed for simultaneous cutting of 2/4 aluminium or uPVC glazing beads in one clamping process at 45°.


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Characteristic features:
  • Cutting of 2 glazing beads (GLA 403) or 4 glazing beads (GLA 401) at the same time
  • Variable pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Saw blades are arranged at the top, thus oddments and swarfs fall freely to the floor
  • Universal bead clamping on the fixing area applicable for all glazing beads of the same basic geometry
  • Pre-adjustment of the glazing bead's inclination by hand wheel and spindle for an optimal assembly of the glazing beads in proportion to the glass thickness
Optional extras:
  • Provision of extraction unit
  • Extraction unit
  • Collector for rejects
  • Clamping system for glazing beads without fixing area - Spraying device (ALU)
  • Manual, digital and/or electronic length stop systems with PC control
  • Feed and draw-off automat ZEA 397 for attachment at a glazing bead saw GLA 403
  • Motor-driven adjustment of the glazing bead tilt with LA 396 or ZEA 397

ROTOX Glazing Bead Feeding and Sawing centre GZS 399

für den vollautomatischen Zuschnitt von Glasleisten für bis zu 650 Flügel


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Characteristic features:
  • Operator friendly PC control with optimisation program and selectable oddment management
  • Universal clamping for all glazing beads with the same fixing position system
  • Motor-driven adjustment for the adaptation to different glazing bead widths
  • Corrections related to profile and/or cutting lengths
  • Variable pneumatic saw blade feed
  • Saw blade arrangement from above which allows the sections and swarfs to fall down freely
  • Magazine feed attachment for 10 (optionally 20) x 2 glazing beads
  • Feeder with servomotor and magnetic tape
  • Infeed and cutting in pairs of 2 glazing beads at the same time
  • Pneumatic transportation to the removal belt for 10 (optionally 20) x 2 glazing beads
Optional extras:
  • Equipment of the saw for cutting single glazing beads
  • Optionally right or left version
  • Swarf extraction with separator for rejects
  • Parts management via label printer, inkjet printer or second monitor
  • Data connection via:
    - USB interface
    - network

ROTOX Electronic Length Stop LA 396

Operator-friendly Windows PC control with versatile input options.


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Characteristic features:
  • Operator-friendly PC control
  • Precise measuring by magnetic tape 
  • Corrections referring to profile and/or cutting lengths
  • Optionally available in right or left version
  • Working height adjustable
Optional extras:
  • Measure transmission by: electronic measuring stick with chip or by radio; networks or USB-storage media; barcode scanner; data transmission from the sash assembly table
  • Label printer
  • Stopping possibility from both sides
Length Stop LA 396 - DL:
  • 2 stop devices